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BIZGRESS supports various services for our customers’ business.
We have leading experts of each field of service as partners.
The services we provide by cooperating with partners stand out even more in their effectiveness.
Make the most of your service at BIZGRESS.

Partner Benefits

Exposure as recommended company in associated service field

We provide you the opportunity to promote your professional service to the various customers
through BIZGRESS so that you can expand your business.

Direct communication with customers

If you become a BIZGRESS partner, you can collaborate in various business areas of BIZGRESS
and communicate directly with your customers.

Support for your professional activities

You can provide your expert advice on the questions posted regarding the various services offered
by BIZGRESS. We support your opportunities to engage in new businesses with customers through this.

How to apply for partner

After reviewing the information you submitted, we will assign you an account manager on the service category.
Appointed account manager will handle the approvals and communication with the partners.