IntroductionAbout Bizgress

Introducing BIZGRESS, the self-diagnosis platform for e-Biz.

There are so many things to check when running a business.
The one or two things that you missed out of the myriads of business elements can end up halting the entire business whether it's technology, management, or design.
There are many companies that provide professional advice and service in particular fields.

BIZGRESS is different.We can analyze and review your business from diverse spectrum and angles.

We do not stop at just analysis. We provide a reasonable alternative and solution based on the analysis.
Look into your business right now how systematic, stable, and sustainable it is.

Philosophy Philosophy

Philosophy and humanities are essential, not an option!

BIZGRESS = Business + Progress

The term "BIZGRESS" appears in the Nicomachean Ethics written by Aristotle.
Aristotle defines the word as "judgment." As life is a series of choices, so is business.
We believe each choice requires humanities-centric perspective and ability to make wise judgment.

Anyone can say that the humanities are important.

However, not many can explain how humanities can influence business.
It may thus be worthwhile to listen to Hubert Dreyfus,
the world's leading authority on phenomenology and professor of philosophy at UC Berkeley.
As a researcher of artificial intelligence and former supervisor of the computer science at MIT in 1965,
Dreyfus has spent most of his life identifying the difference between 'man' and 'machine.' He argues confidently:

"The ability to apply 'one's own perspective' on a problem
is the essence of great business leadership."

BIZGRESS is confident of the following:
That it is necessary to see the big picture from a phenomenological perspective, instead of focusing on each component alone,
and that the unique perspective of each individual is essential in that view.

This is the philosophical basis that led to BIZGRESS.

Although we may lack in depth in a particular single field,
we hope to provide you the chance to reflect back on a variety of elements
comprehensively, and ultimately formulate your own value and perspective.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Analysis MethodologyMethodology

The service has a global framework but is also very independent.

COBIT 5 is taking its place as the international standard for corporate IT framework

Having started in 1996 as COBIT 1, the IT auditing system framework, COBIT has taken its place in 2012
as the leading framework that includes IT management and governance. It does not simply measure technology and performance,
but also helps the strategic decision making of a company. This system and mechanism has evolved into a living
governance framework.

Clear analysis and robust experience are needed.

Although the system offers excellent framework, this cannot cover everything.
Because businesses are like living organisms, they are mutable and affected by time and space.
That is the reason that the BIZGRESS methodology continues to change and upgrades to the next version.

While accepting a global framework, BIZGRESS also has its unique analysis methodology.

By adding the unique analysis methodology of BIZGRESS to intentional governance framework
with decades of field-proven development, our solution provides an even clearer diagnosis of your business.
All results are analyzed through our independently developed algorithm and processed into index scores for each category and overall.
Such results are also accumlated as statistics.